Monday, October 5, 2009

Paranormal Activity


Ladies and Gentlemen, the other night I had the privilege of attending a screening of the latest low budgeted scare fest Paranormal Activity.

I have to say, me likey very much. The movie follows a couple, a young female student and a young male day trader that keeps getting cock blocked by a third wheel they like to call a "demon." Basically every time they sleep, they hear weird crazy shit. So the dude buys a camera to set up in the room during sleepy times so they can have ACTUAL EVIDENCE of creepy demons. The actress is required to play a woman, this demands that she must become neurotic and lack the ability to see anything logically. A real step forward for the ladies.

Is the demon following her everywhere? Does it want to kill her? Kidnap her? fondle her boobies? . . . . you'll have to see it to find out.

with all this said, this movie very intelligently builds tension and fear. Borrowing some tactics from Blairwitch, it's shot very natural and offers no soundtrack whats so all. The build to the scenes at night in which the camera is just left on a tripod are quite awesome. This use of cinematography is great because it doesn't dumb you down . . . it doesn't tell you WHERE to look or WHAT to specifically hear. Your eyes jut around the room constantly, you don't know what is coming next. TENSION!

now a little negative . . .


Are you kidding Me? You ruined some of the greatest parts of the film. Everything about this movie marketing wise was genius. They make you watch it at midnight, you have TO DEMAND it to play in your city. All this is really quite fucking genius. It leads to a great movie experience . . . but god please don't put the most epic shit in the trailer. You ruined a genuinely amazing surprise.

go see it though. It's one of the most fun times I've had in theater in a long time. I really recommend it to movie buffs and to people on the first fringe of dating a new woman. You know when you go to a movie with the lady and you not sure if your little handies should touch. Well . . . if you take her to this . . . she will definitely be rubbing you down. Then there is NO WAY she won't go down on you.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blog, Meet Lusk. Lusk, meet blog

Hey what up World?

Guess what path my insecurity has lead me to now?

The wonderful world of Blogging. From the advice of respected persons, I've decided to jump into the delicious waters known as blogging. I look forward to writing my thoughts then VERY EAGERLY waiting to read your comments and judge myself off them.

My name is Matt Lusk which should come as no surprise to you since you will probably be reading this only because you in fact already know me. I am an actor, improvisor, and comedian in Houston, TX. I hope to maintain all of those descriptions of me except for the location. I believe I am in my last year of living in Houston before I go and die trying out in the Hollyweird. I want to be successful but it's only because I really want to have sex with Lady Gaga.
I was gonna write more but my roomate just flipped the channel and the end of Titanic is on so it's a little hared to dtype withm my tearsz hitttingzd the keyboRd.

ssaoooooo saaaa7aaad!